Sunday, March 16, 2014

John Coplans/Body

In considering the female form and the idea of the body, I am ultimately led to consider the male form and body as well.

Below are some photographs by John Coplans.

 I have seen many photographs of hands, but the photograph of hands above I found especially interesting because I responded to it on a couple of different levels. Viscerally, they made me think of birth because of the vaginal nature of the composition and at the same time of a sculpture by Louse Bourgeois called "Cumul" shown below.

In terms of my own work and how it relates to why I may have been drawn to the Coplans photograph above, I have been working with Caspar's hands in the frame of the videos I have been making from his perspective, and the way they are constantly grasping the camera itself and are a constant determinant in how he relates to the world..

As I think about both the male and female body as a theme, I have been considering how the three photographs below relate. The first is a self-portrait by John Coplans, the second is a self-portrait by Elinor Carucci, and the third is a photograph by Sally Mann of her son called "Popsicle Drips".

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